From tradition to innovation, Serip in the portrait of a Portugal of excellence

February 2019

The secrets behind their success

It is always a pleasure to share our love for design, in this case, with those who usually follow Portugal's news on international channels. In February, we accepted the invitation to participate in “Network Negócios”, a weekly program by RTP Internacional dedicated to the economy, new businesses and entrepreneurship, conducted by Marta Leite de Castro, with conversations in the studio and reports in the companies. A program that presents examples of Portuguese who stand out internationally in the most diverse areas, in search of the secrets behind their success and where they can get to know the different ways of being an entrepreneur and of internationalizing Portugal.
It was an honour to be part of this show of Portuguese companies that stand out successfully and to show how we adapt to the needs of the country and the world, transforming the lighting design into unique pieces that combined with technology and that are present in the most varied markets.

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