Serip Unveils New Calathea Collection in Adega Regional de Colares, Portugal

A new chapter in Serip’s history was brought to light, with Nature at the centre of everything, where the Natural World, Art and Decoration meet and create a new beginning.

A new way of looking at Nature and Decoration

In a time of new beginnings, of deep transformation of the way we should look at the world and the place we should take in it, Serip created a new collection that has Nature as the main protagonist and chose the plant Calathea as a symbol of resilience, luxury and delicacy.

The new line of artistic lighting sculptures bearing the mark of Serip was presented to the world in Adega Regional de Colares, a beautiful and historic estate in the Portuguese city of Sintra, where the cool salty breeze of the Atlantic Ocean meets the green of a region that has devoted its soul to the production of high-quality wines. The event brought together dozens of guests, welcomed by the dulcet tones of the piano, all sharing an enthusiastic passion for fine design and sophisticated décor, and for the Nature-inspired Art of Serip.

The Adega Regional de Colares hosted the unveiling of a collection that aims at inspiring a new way of thinking about Nature, as something alive, dynamic and in permanent mutation, always adapting to emerging challenges.

Calathea: a new beginning for a new future

The Calathea plant was chosen to feature has the heart of the latest collection due to the unique characteristics of its velvety leaves. They perform an almost imperceptible dance, a shy movement that allows this peculiar plant to adapt to the lighting conditions of the surrounding environment, a beautiful message of strength in face of adversity that underlines the entire collection.

In accordance with all the safety recommendations of these trying times, the event was defined by the elegance of the pieces displayed all around the venue. The pieces harmonized perfectly with the old-looking surroundings and the finest details were analyzed by the captivated eyes of each guest.

The launch of the New Collection was marked by an informal and elucidative conversation with the designer of the new collection, Miguel Ângelo Palma, and a guest of honor, Gisa Narracott, Managing Director at Lightcouture Studio, that allowed the audience to peak behind the curtain of the mysterious and creative worlds of Decoration, Art and Illumination.
The gathering concluded with the words of Mário Rui Pires, Sales Director at Serip, that brought to a close a moment that set the tone for the next journey of the Portuguese company.

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