“S Ó S” by Quorum Ballet with the support of Serip

August 2020

Quorum Ballet on RTP2 channel

It is with great pleasure that we present the new creation “S Ó S”, by the contemporary dance company Quorum Ballet®, a piece by choreographer and dancer Daniel Cardoso, which has the support of Serip and which will debut on RTP2 on 15th August.
At a time when we live in the strangest and most unrecognizable times in history, the Quorum Ballet presents its latest piece with its debut exclusively for television broadcasting and inspired by today with an innovative creation process using new technologies.

Art in the 7th art

About the concept of the ballet piece:
These are contradictory times, full of paradoxes and which we never thought possible to happen on a global scale. We feel smaller and powerless to control our lives. We went from being able to experience, feel and smell any corner of the globe, to being confined in our homes watching everything from a screen.
We live the illusion of proximity on that screen, through the virtual while real proximity is refused us. We cannot kiss, we cannot touch, we cannot move, we cannot live together and we cannot embrace those we love. We live in a time of “no”, of coldness and physical distance and we realize that everything we take for granted can disappear in seconds: we lose our freedom.
We lost our freedom but we won time and while humanity asks for “help”, we spent our days on the couch.

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