Serip at Asia's leading international design event

November 2020

November 2020
The 7th edition of this design celebration took place and the first in a new space - Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center - which was once again attended by Serip, which has already met all its Asian lovers, at Classic & Luxury Design Hall.

The 7th edition

The most iconic collections were presented, new tailor-made designs and personalized finishes, following trends and emerging as a consistent brand that proves once again its stability through its designs. Inspired by Classic Blue, the color of the year, where it conveyed a sense of security, maintaining the ideal that we can still find tranquility and clarity of thought in the midst of so much unrest.

Full of poetry, the space presented the latest designs, such as the Folio and Voa collections, pieces where the choice of materials elevates aesthetics in a deep exploration of the impeccable beauty found in nature.

Serip exhibited new compositions, new finishes and new designs in collections with an evocative poetic reign, where the sculptural forms of nature are immortalized through handicrafts with exclusive handcrafted techniques and with a mixture of excellent materials such as glass and bronze.
Exploring the manifestations of nature through Serip's artistic pieces allowed visitors a relaxing and inspiring journey through the brand's space.

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